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Ken Wilber

Developer of the Integral Theory, author of more than 20 books, philosopher

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Developer of Body-Mind-Centring®, embodiment specialist with extend background in dance, martial arts, bodywork, yoga and more and therapist.

Gabor Mate

Renowned speaker, & bestselling author, expert on facing addiction, stress & childhood development

Peter Levine

Developer of Somatic Experiencing, bestselling author, phd of medical biophysics and Dr. of psychiatry

Rod Stryker

World-renowned yoga and meditation teacher, founder of ParaYoga®, and author, creator of online yoga trainings and the app Sanctuary

Arawana Hayashi

Head of Social Presencing Theater for the Presencing Institute and a senior teacher in Shambhala

Aboodi Shabi

Executive Coach & Leadership Development Consultant

Charles Eisenstein

Cultural Philosopher, Speaker and Author

Daria Halprin

A leading pioneer in the field of movement/dance and expressive arts education and therapy

Emory M. Moore

Multi-certified exercise and movement teacher, pioneer and inventor of EM Technique

Steven D'Souza

Associate fellow, University of Oxford, award-winning best-selling author

David Treleaven

Writer, educator, and trauma professional whose work focuses on the intersection of trauma and mindfulness

Karine Bell

Founder of  “The Alchemy of Trauma”, podcaster & program designer

Tara Judelle

International yoga teacher and founder of Embodied Flow

Irene Lyon

Nervous system specialist and neuroplasticity healing expert

Tami Simon

Founder and CEO of Sounds True and host of podcast “Insights at the Edge”

Michaela Boehm

Teacher, counselor & expert in intimacy & sexuality

Richard Strozzi Heckler

Founder of the Strozzi Institute, master coach and leadership trainer, Phd psychology and Aikido black belt

Mariana Caplan

Author, consultant, psychotherapist, yoga teacher

Tom Myers

Author, developer and principal educator of “Anatomy Trains”

Max Strom

Global speaker, trainer, and author known for teaching breathing patterns

Roma Pijlman

Karate Instructor, Coach of the Netherlands Olympic Karate Team, Life & Business Coach

Otto Scharmer

Senior Lecturer in the MIT Management Sloan School, co-founder of the Presencing Institute and author of the bestselling book “Theory U” and “Presence”.

Diane Musho Hamilton

Author, mediator, Zen teacher and pioneer of Integral Spirituality.

Stephen Porges

Author of the Polyvagal Theory, distinguished university scientist at the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, and professor of psychiatry at the university of North Carolina

Judith Aston

Pioneer in the art and science of kinetics for her discovery of the Aston® Paradigm and development movement training, bodyworks, fitness programs and ergonomics of Aston® Kinetics.

Philip Shepherd

Founder of Embodied Present Process and author of “Radical Wholeness” and “New Self, New World”.

Magdalena Weinstein

Yoga teacher, brain-based and somatic educator, host of the Embodiment Time Podcast.

David Abram

Cultural ecologist, geophilosopher, author of ‘The Spell of the Sensuous’

Martha Eddy

Somatic movement therapist, teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and certified movement analyst with a doctorate in movement science.

Simon Borg-Olivier

Co-Founder and owner of Yoga synergy and Yoga teacher since 33 years

Judith Blackstone

Author, psychologist & teacher in the contemporary fields of nondual realization & spiritual, relational & somatic psychotherapy

Dylan Newcomb

Lead researcher and trainer of UZAZU, purpose coach.

Ilan Stephani

Ilan Stephani is a cutting edge somatic teacher, speaker and coach.

Liz Koch

Teacher, author, creator of Core Awareness.

Kathy Altman and Lori Saltzman

Kathy and Lori are the co-founders of Open Floor International.


Deepen your specialist knowledge, gain personal insights and broaden your view of the wider embodiment field.


Get practical tools you can use right away, and practices you can take away to develop yourself over time.


Link up with like-minded people locally and globally for support and encouragement.

NOTE: There will be some clever systems to help you easily find what you most love, clarify and record your learning, and to stay in touch with the people you meet.


Shaping history together

Making embodied wisdom available to everyone, everywhere, free of charge.

An online conference and more than that…
a kickstart to a global movement.

Embodiment is about making friends with your body, and feeling at home in your skin. The conference will give you free access to the top teachers in the field, offer a community of support, and be a huge global party to be remembered.

Embodiment is an antidote to the violence, disconnection and overwhelm caused by numbing, and a return to our shared humanity. For this reason, ​our goal is to make the 20’s the embodiment decade​,​ and help humanity thrive. The Embodiment Conference is a university, a fiesta and a catalyst. In a cynical age this is a bold vision, yes, but if not now when?

TEC will again be a uniquely rich opportunity for diverse learning, and will not only help you to come home to the anchor of your body in a chaotic world: to energise and inspire you personally, but also to connect with others for whom the body matters too. TEC will use global online community, to create local communities and real-world action.

Participants have an opportunity not just to get a bunch of information, but to clarify and digest that into wisdom. Through this event you can:

  • Learn from the leaders and innovators in the field
  • Gain deep personal insights (we will provide a platform to help with this)
  • Deepen and reboot your own practice
  • Easily learn about many new areas
  • Build real relationships and gain a community of support that will continue long
    after the event (online and in-person).
  • Have a really good time doing all this 🙂


1000 presenters, 10 Rooms

The conference is back…bigger but easier

TEC2020 has 1000 presenters, ordered into 10 channels, and we have a clever system so you can easily find what you’ll most love.

Yes 1000! We expect 500,000+ people to attend with 120,000 registered it is already a record breaker. Given the huge amount on offer and that most of us are busy people, some have asked us already how we suggest accessing the feast! Here are some options:

  • Just watch the “main stage” channel where 3 of the best known presenters will be daily.
  • Book some time off and treat it like a face-to-face conference! We’ll be releasing the schedule weeks in advance so you can plan if you like to be organised.
  • Let us pick two talks a day for you, just tell us your main area of interest and time zone and we’ll send you a “best of” recommendations
  • Dip in and out randomly simply by clicking the various channels (like having the best TV ever for 12 days)
  • See what’s “hot” on the Facebook group
  • Buy the recordings and never need Netflix again!

The conference is totally FREE (only recordings cost money to cover our expenses).

Leadership & Business

Embodied leadership and ethical marketing for practitioners


Depth approaches to yoga, working with and through the body, not just on it

Dance & Creativity

Dancers, writers, actors, poets – being creative with and through the body

Trauma & Social Change

Healing our wounds and the world through the body

Intimacy & Relationships

Connection is a fundamental aspect of embodiment

Coaching & Therapy

How the body is relevant to change and growth modalities

Martial & Healing Arts

Embodiment and its relation to martial arts, and ways to regain and sustain health such as bodywork

Meditation & Breathwork

Body-based meditation, mindfulness and awareness practices

Movement and Anatomy

What makes movement embodied, healthy and fun

Ecology & Research

Sustainability, green issues, and embodied ecology. Also scientific research


What people said about the last conference

If you are a life coach, facilitator, or yoga instructor, The Embodiment Conference is indispensable.

Joran Oppelt
Interfaith minister/facilitator, USA

I was amazed by the energy and diversity the conference drew together.

Shirley Smith
Austria/ Scotland

You managed to create an open yet safe space for learning, exchange and sharing. It was generous, genuine, real and well-organised. THANK YOU!

Tanya Steklova
Coach & Editor, UK

A great way to connect with other people working in the field across the globe.

Anouska Anderson

I have attended many on line conferences but this was different; I found the live sessions particularly engaging and connecting.

Karen Shekel
coach, UK

A great way to meet brilliance and have fun with people who care about being humans - including our animal nature, our bodies.

Martha Eddy
Somatic movement therapist, USA


Embodiment 2020

Why register now?

We learnt at the 2018 conference, that you definitely can teach embodiment online and build community that way too (despite what the cynics said before). We had great engagement from an audience from 90 countries, and had a really good time! Delegates made and continue to make TEC what it is, as the event is co-created – there have been votes on this website, format and presenters for example. We’d love you to have a say, so register and join the conversation. This also helps us out too, as the more early registrations we have the better it looks to potential sponsors.

Lastly, we’re also giving away some free gifts for early registration…as who doesn’t like presents 🙂

Here’s what you will get now when you register your FREE place


Embodiment Moving beyond mindfulness


Anatomy masterclass Tom Myers

Trauma tools and quick embodied wins Betsy Polatin

Embodiment in tantrik yoga Christopher Wallis

An integral part of your signing up is to receive our email newsletters along with relevant registration details and conference updates by email. We take your personal data seriously and will not spam you with annoying stuff. For more information, please see our privacy policy.


Community & Volunteers

In 2018 we found that the conference is impossible without many helping hands! We established an active community via the Facebook group (please join if you haven’t yet) as well as through the Embodiment Circles which emerged out of the conference last year.

One of our big wishes for the conference in 2020 is that this community continues to grow and flourish. In order to do that, we will need many people to spread the word about the event, and volunteers before and during the conference. We appreciate any little thing you can do to help us make this event happen together. We are looking for proofreaders, Zoom hosts, community builders in different networks, people that speak different languages and more.

If you would like to get involved please contact us via the button below.

And please share:


If you are looking to apply as a presenter, all the information you need to know is here.

Join us for the largest educational event in the world and let us change the course of history, together.

Sponsors & Investors

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor or willing to lend us money?

Our conference is funded by low interest loans from the community and wouldn’t be possible without this. Last year we paid everyone back immediately from selling recordings and fully expect the same business model to work again. Actually, we know what we’re doing this year and the recording package is bigger and better, so it’s a much safer bet now 🙂

We also have some great sponsorship opportunities available – the event will be huge
after all – with various packages and channels (e.g. leadership or yoga) that can be supported so that you can promote what you offer. If you’d like to promote your product or service to 150,000+ people then it could be a good fit.

If you’d like to support us or invest into the conference as a business, do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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There are several sponsorship models available depending on your investment. Please reach out to discuss further.


There are several models of investment available. Please reach out to discuss further.

Meet the conference team

Mark Walsh
Core team, UK
Manal Aldabbagh
Core team, Saudi Arabia
Daniela Welzel
Core team, Netherlands
Haidee Stairmand
Core team, New Zealand
Mark Shraga
Business Advisor, UK
Cheryl Whitelaw
Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Canada
Kathleen Booker
Diversity and Inclusion advisor, USA
Matt Shearing
Design and Memes, UK
Eva Brovinski
Design and records, Slovenia
Mayan Patel
Channel Manager Yoga, UK
Stephany Dano
Channel Manager Leadership and Business, France
Adrian Harris
Channel Manager Ecology and Research, UK
Christina Dohr
Channel Manager Intimacy and Relationships, Germany
Rafe Kelley
Channel Manager Movement and Anatomy, USA
Yolanda Iseley
Channel Manager Meditation and Breathwork, UK
Julie Esse
Channel Manager Trauma and Social Change, Russia
Tom Burden
Channel Manager Martial and Healing Arts, USA
Antonya Osipova
Channel Manager Dance and Creativity, Russia
Matthew Carratu
Channel Manager Coaching and Therapy, New Zealand
King Louie
Rest and wellbeing advisor, Netherlands

How the conference works

We are completely transparent about how this conference is put together, by whom and where sponsorship and investment money goes.

If you would like to find out more about the vision, or about how the conference works as a business, please download this document.